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Los Mayos Mountain Nature Reserve, overlooking the Manuel Antonio National Park, will go beyond protecting a key watershed and wildlife habitat – to cultivating sustainable economic prosperity for local communities.
We invite you to join us. 


School of Rural Gastronomy

The development, research, and education towards sustainable and healthy gastronomy by programs with appreciation of cultural and wellness gastronomy benefiting members of the community.



To invest in procurement of abandoned farmlands for their protection, reforestation, and expansion, while supporting the sustainable growth of communities, the Caretakers of our biodiversity. 

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Regenerative Rural Agriculture

Providing workshops, regarding regenerative farming practices, with opportunities offered to local farmers, to produce products, both sustainable, healthy, and economically viable. 

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Where it all begins - 2'42"

Where it all begins - 2'42"

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Jim Damalas has been involved in conservation initiatives for over 30 years with his own family of Greentique Hotels and Nature Tours. He’s an active board member of the Corcovado Foundation and founder of Mayo Mountain Nature Fund, part of the Nature Fund for Costa Rica. Inga Gusarova, Hunter Johnston, and Tom Barefoot, also from NFCR, have been instrumental for setting up the Los Mayo’s project. Jim’s partner with the Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Lodge and Nature Reserve is Hugo Arias, a native of Quepos, and respected community leader in Rural Tourism. The Santa Juana community itself is represented by 4 active committees that have together endorsed both the Mayo Reserve and the missions supported by the fund.